It was in September 1997 that I was suffering with depression, triggered by an ongoing illness, when I realised that I had taken comfort eating to the limits!

At 5 foot 9 inches (rounding up from 5 foot 7) I was 15 stone (210lbs) and the only trousers I could get into had a size 40 inch waist.

The final crunch was attempting to
walk to the top of a slightly sloping
High Street - and not being able to make it without having to sit down for breath!

"FAT GIT" I hear you shout!
I had always been a yo yo dieter,
but I had never let myself go this far.

I used my depression as an excuse to comfort eat, ironically though, my weight problem added to my unhappiness. However, the real
turning point was picking up a copy of Men's Health Magazine.

These are not my feet.
I do not wear toe nail polish.
Anyone that tells you otherwise
should learn to keep secrets.