What is RSS?
What does that icon mean?

When the content of a website is frequently updated, how do you painlessly let your visitors know each time this happens?

That's where RSS comes in. Primarily it's used on websites that have News, Blogs or for Podcasts. On Mrlexy.co.uk you can subscribe to the feed to be alerted to these updates. Depending on your set up will depend on how this is handled and how you are alerted.

Firefox makes use of "Live Bookmarks". You will see the RSS icon at the end of the address bar or if you use Google toolbar the icon may also be visible here. Clicking it will subscribe to the feed. When new or updated pages are added, they will appear in your bookmarks.

In Internet Explorer 7 and above, the RSS icon above will light up where a feed is available on a webpage- no feed the icon is greyed out. Click the icon to subscribe and new or updated pages will appear in bold in the "feeds" tab within your favorites. More info. This feature is not available in older versions.

Alternatively if you have personalised your home page with Google or Yahoo etc you can add the feed to your homepage by adding an item, then adding url and typing in www.mrlexy.co.uk.

Before browsers intergrated RSS you had to use standalone software called RSS readers. Do a search for this and you will easily find free software eg RSSowl or NewsGator as you can still use these programs, perhaps with greater options and control.

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