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01.01.09 (Thur) I'm just about over meeting Daniel. Thanks to everyone for the HAPPY NEW YEAR texts and emails. I trust I won't hear from you until New years eve 2010.

25.11.08 (Tue) What is it with wireless keyboards, why do they always miss out letters as you type!

24.10.08 (Mon) Daniel was lovely!

8.10.08 (Wed) No reply from Daniel yet. I'm thinking about calling his mum, but I dont know the number. Or who him mum is. Or where she lives.
Wrote to DVLA today re menieres. EEK see what happens, will they snatch that licence away. I hope not after I finally managed to get shot of those 6 points (erm they were a complete misunderstanding)

7.10.08 (Tues) No reply from Daniel yet. I'm starting to worry, I hope he is ok.

6.10.08 (Mon) No reply from Daniel yet.

5.10.08 (Sun) No reply from Daniel yet. Spose its a sunday hurrumph.

4.10.08 (Sat) Oh my I just sent Daniel Boys fan mail. Look at me, a teenage girl!!!!

9.8.08 (Sat) How to dispose of old microwave the easy way. 1) Remove new microwave and set up. 2) Put old microwave into new microwave box. 3) Selotape top so that it looks like it did when you purchased it from store. 4) Put microwave outside front door 5) When you wake up the next morning the Microwave Removal Fairy will have kindly taken the box and old microwave saving you the expense and trouble of a trip to the tip. This works for many purchases and works very well in the Tilehurst area.

8.8.08 (Fri)
Oh deary me, a lovely two weeks off has come to an end. See my gallery for my travels - Lakes, Manchester, Blackpool, Wales. Pheweeee. But by gum how much housework have I done over the last two days! Menieres still being good (ish). Had a moan at Tesco recently due to rude woman on tills they only gave me £5. Crap! Halfords gave me £20+£25 new cycle lock, Argos gave me £50. See it pays to moan!! Always write to that Chairman is my tip oh I like a good moan!

21.5.08 (Wed)

Erm doesn't time fly!I guess i've been busy or don't have anything to say! New pics in my gallery , been able to go out and about a bit more often while the Menieres has let me have some good days!

31.12.07 (Mon)
Oh how time flies by. Very little blog as contrary to below statement, since Xmas Menieres has been a right royal pain! Anyway its New Years Eve innit. So I best do a little 2007 sum up. A bi of a rubbish year due to ongoing menieres problems so lets hope 2008 brings a) a cure b) some respite from dizziness! c) a loss of 2 stone which seems to have appeared to all be focused around my middle.

06.12.07 (Wed)
My ebay stuff arrived. It had been sitting in the laundertette (shop next door) and no one thought I may like to know. Gurrumph. Its all lempsips at the moment. Menieres has started to be a bit better, not sure if thats just coincidence or the op. Even been out and about a fair bit which is not bad seeing as I turned 36, 2 days ago EEK!

01.11.07 (Thu)
I am not dead (see below) . Also none of my ebay stuff has arrived.

18.10.07 (Thu)
WOW I won some ebay stuff! Even if I am ending up paying 3 times as much as its actually worth...I won I won I won!!!! Got ear op tomorrow! Nice co-incidence radio reports failed MRSA targets where I am having it!

12.10.07 (Fri)
My first week off THIS YEAR has come to an end! It's ending with e-bay stress! All this bidding , constantly checking back to seeing the rug pulled out from under my feet. Increments of 20 pence! Aaaggghhhhhh!!!!!!

01.10.07 (Mon)
Hello! Where have I been you ask! Bloody facebook innit! And playing miniclip games . I keep playing annoyingly addictive blockorz . Also been helping a layyddeee set up her website as she is doing sports massage....Allen & I have been "volunteers" for being practiced on :-). We've been pummelled and de-knotted.

17.08.07 (Thu)
Note to self. Always back up the back up hard drive which you bought. Why? So that when the back up hard drive fails you don't lose the lot!!!!! Thank goodness for a small program called Restoration which recovered all my deleted files from the recycle bin!!!!!!!

16.08.07 (Thu)
Only in this country is our headline news "Stars brave rain for film premiere", while "Dozens killed and hundreds injured in Peru earthquake" follows as less important!

15.08.07 (Wed)
Don't blogs seems like great fun when you start them, then a wee bit of a chore months later hehehehe. I am looking after a ginger pussy who is very naughty b.ut very clever. Today he opened a door and snapped a large plant and tipped mud all over the carpet and then pretended to be scared of me as he played in the dirt.

14.07.07 (Sat)
Apologies to the small girl I shouted words of encouragement to at the swimming pool today. While I am sure you appreciated them you must have wondered who I was. In future I will try to bring my glasses with me. Apologies to Kirsty who was busy getting changed while I was supporting some other girl, if only all little girls could wear something other than a bright pink costume.

08.07.07 (Sun)
Sob PC died. Hurrah. Accidentally walked into Currys and left with superdooper lap top. PC repair shop said my power supply was overheating due to dust! Dust!? It's not like I don't use the thing!! :-)

11.06.07 (Mon)
I know it was a bit drastic, but had to take the day off as I hadn't got anything ironed for work. At 11am this morning I got the iron out, but 5.16pm now and I haven't managed to put the ironing board up let alone pull out the shirts I need. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

27.05.07 (Sun)
Why did I brag about my quiche making skills at work last week, only to be challenged to bring in an example next Tuesday!

A walk to Asda in the rain (no Sunday bus service , the number 33 lives in the dark age of pre-Sunday trading ) only to find Asda do not have any ready made pasty cases (sorry but there are limits to my cooking skills - I was planning to smooth down the fancy edges so it did look home cooked). They also do not have any Quorn ham (I was going to delight them all with a veggie version of Quiche Lorraine, I call it Quiche Lorraine Kelly). To top everything they did not have any free range eggs unless you count the packet with 2 broken ones in.

Luckily though, they did have a packet of chocolate limes reduced to 47p. So I bought them, and on the walk home, in the rain, opened them. I had assumed that they had been reduced because the packet had been resealed, though I did not dwell on why that might be (e.g. food terrorists, small curious/hungry children, peckish staff etc). However to my horror I find my chocolate limes are in fact mint humbugs. Yuk! Ooooh its enough to make you tut. And why are mint humbugs black? Since when was black the famous well known colour of the flavour mint?

26.05.07 (Sat)
For those of you who read my blog 21.01.07 re bags on seats, my complaint has become famous on the Soldiers Of Hell podcasts! Download and listen to their May podcast . My comments are famous!

19.05.07 (Sat)
Don't talk to me. Daniel is out the competition. I want to kill myself (said as if I were a 12 year old girl who really might actually mean it.)

12.05.07 (Sun)
In my defence I did not watch the Eurovision. Though I did see the Germany bit (minger! yawn) I lost interest after the first song. It was just a phase, phew. And Joseph, GO DANIEL GO DAN GO DANIEL (sung as if I were a 14 year old girl) .

11.05.07 (Sat)
God what is happening to me. I think I'm going to be watching Eurovision tonight! Ordinarily this would be avoided like the plague, but I accidentally searched in google for some of this years songs and accidentally watched several videos of the upcoming songs. Either Germany or Switzerland will win, though Germany's is great, its a swing song not quite the Eurovision norm (Erm not that i ever watch it ) but the bloke is cute and he isn't pretending to be an aero plane or serving "salty nuts sir?" so has got a better chance than our "Carry On......" style entry. Oh and then there's Joseph which I want Daniel to win, not that I watch these shows. Religiously. And record them in the unlikely event that I am out.

11.04.07 (Wed)
No longer am I the new boy at work! A new starter means I am now considered "experienced". Don't ask me how I ended up in uncomfortable breasts conversation today. First we discussed my bosses breasts, then mine.

18.02.07 (Sun)
One week into a new job and that is going well, though it would be my luck to be putting up with big menieres problems for the last few weeks. Sods law I guess! Thankfully Allen is putting up with me and my mood swings, and hopefully it will calm down soon and let me have my head and balance back!

22.01.07 (Mon)
Would someone please explain to me why, when people email you to let you know their new email address, they always email you using their old email address ?!
You end up having to copy and paste instead of a quick right click-add to contacts thingy!

21.01.07 (Sun)
I spent the weekend with Roy at his cabin up in Warrington.
As I got on the train on Friday afternoon, I went to find my RESERVED seat, only to find someone sitting in it. Slightly annoying, the train was practically empty and the seats do have a sign "this seat is reserved ", so why fat bald man chose my seat I do not know. There was nothing special about the seat; it hadn't been Febreezed, it was a run of the mill, slightly sodden, dirty, worn seat. There was no in-built DVD player or tea and coffee making facilities.

Anyway, I didn't kick up a fuss for two reasons. One, the train was empty with plenty of free seats, and secondly, because I am a big girls blouse.

So I just plonked myself elsewhere in an unreserved seat. An hour later, as the now full train pulled into Birmingham New Street, my seat reservation sign updated without my realising it. It wasn't until some northern "lass" brashly turfed me out of HER RESERVED SEAT, that I saw this! She wasn't a big girls blouse like me! So, I kindly apologised, collected my belongings, and mumbled something about a fat bald man with no manners, and then shuffled along the carriage. I then asked some posh lady, who looked like she would have been more at home in FIRST CLASS, to move her bags that she had considerately placed on the seat beside her, so that I could sit down in the only seat left on the carriage.

I find that VERY annoying. I don't mind people putting bags on the seats when the train is empty. And yes, being British none of us particularly like people sitting next to us if it can be avoided! But when a bus or train is full, why don't these people move their bloody bags!! Worse, are the people who sit in the aisle seat leaving the window seat empty, so you have to clamber over them if you want a seat. Another, "HOW DARE YOU, DO NOT SIT NEAR ME!!" case.


10.01.07 (Wed)
Nothing constructive to say today. Just something to ponder on. Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"?

09.01.07 (Tue)
They offered me the job! I'm sooo wanted! GASP. I handed my notice in today. That was more scary than the job interview! Goodbye British Gas, hello MMA

08.01.07 (Mon)
A three hour interview and I managed to NOT blow off once. Very proud of myself.
Just a thought, why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak?

06.01.07 (Sat)
Oh my GOD. I've got an interview on Monday for a new job. Oh lordy lord! Only I would get an interview this quick and NOT OWN A SUIT! The recruitment consultant said she thought it best I NOT attend the interview in my British Gas uniform. Luckily I have M&S vouchers for £20 so can at least get a tie, though I suspect they will want me to wear more than that on the day.....

05.01.07 (Fri)
The evidence is in. My blog is being read! Thanks Dave D, who used it to contact me to moan that I didn't reply to his Happy New Year text. So may I take this opportunity to apologise to everyone else I also didn't reply to. My brother Stephen messaged me saying "Where was my xmas card?" to which I responded " I don't sent the things, I never do" to which he replied "But I got one last year" to which I replied, "Yes you did, but it wasn't in my writing neughghgh". (Thank you Allen for forging my signature and for restoring faith in my family that I DO CARE at Christmas, which I do not). Bar humbug to the whole time of year!

How come when you make a special trip to the supermarket for just one item, they don't have that item in stock. Then, weeks later when you are in the tiny shop on the corner of your road you see they sell what you wanted.

Why is it that when you are rushing down the high street, someone in front of you suddenly stops dead, causing a near miss or a crash.

Similarly, why do people get on an escalator and then stop at the top to look round, oblivious to the dominoes effect occurring behind them? Surely they have the whole ride to think about which direction they are going!

Next time you are on the bus or tube and a little bored, play the eye contact game. See how many people you can make eye contact with or for double points, actually get them to smile back at you!