Here are the pages where you can virtually meet some of the important people in my life. Because life changes and web sites don't get updated in real time, friends are subject to change and this may not be reflected in this section. It's not that I drop friends easily, it's more that being hugely popular and envied the world over, you tend to make new friends very easily.

Mind you, there was that one friend who said I ought to lose half a stone during one of her " be a good friend, always be honest" moments. I felt that I took this irrational and obviously incorrect observation very well, and the fact that I no longer return her calls or write back to her letters is merely co-incidence. As was the voodoo doll of her I accidentally made and stuck pins in. Then set on fire. Then posted to her. ( Judes if you are reading this I am making it up. I did not actually post you the doll as I had scribbled over your address in my address book so didn't know where to send it.)

Mr Lexy

Voodoo dolls.
Now available from Woolworths
(large and pocket sizes available)