Thank you for visiting my web site and the world of Mr Lexy.
You can find out all about me and the things I like by browsing through the pages above. I realise that you'd probably already worked that out but if you hadn't, well you are probably a bit simple, but in a nice way I am sure.

OK crack on then! I would suggest starting with the "me" section. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like an "E-Learning" package. (Simple people. Click on a tab to see what pages there are EG. clicking on "me" (thats the "me" at the top, not the "me" here) will bring up further pages : About Me, My Family and My Favourite web sites. You can click any of these. Honestly. You can pretty much click anything you like. Oh, I do hope you get the hang of it.

Mr Lexy relaxing in
full colour

Mr Lexy

PS. If you have actually read down to this bit, WELL DONE! Personally I normally skip all the text and just look at the pictures.  If you fancy giving me some feedback or want to get in touch please go to my contact page.

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