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I was inspired by a sensible article which showed how to get back into shape in a realistic way. On previous diets I had tried to go jogging for 30 minutes and nearly killed myself! And because of that, it was inevitable that I would give up!

The article suggested you start off walking one minute, jogging one minute for 20 minutes. Gradually, over a six week period the times increased. After 3 weeks I was jogging eight minutes, walking for three until I managed to build up to a straight 30 minute jog, in just 6 weeks .

I began to buy slimming magazines and read the inspirational stories! I learnt how to reduce my calories sensibly, and to be able to still eat the things I liked. I was beginning to learn moderation!


The weight fell off. Every Wednesday I would weigh myself and I kept a chart which showed the weight loss. It began to drop off 4 pounds at a time and then went down to 1 or 2 a week. I also made sure I did something active every day, and once I finished the jogging program I also started to swim.

I began to regain my confidence. My depression had long lifted - my illness did not seem to affect my mental state - a new Alex, the old Alex was returning!

I began to really appreciate different food tastes and became interested in nutrition and fitness. I began to go Circuit Training, Box-a-cise, Aerobics, Weight training. Life took a turn around for me!

cake    Of course there were times when I treated myself - you have to, to keep      yourself sane. But the important thing was to keep the cheating days to a     minimum.

A cake earlier today