For many years I hoveredaround 11 stone but now I hover around the 12 stone (168 lbs) mark (more muscle mass and I'm older, you have to accept that one too!) but still keep a watchfull eye on my weight and body fat. I still exercise, its part of normal life now and I couldn't imagine not doing it.

Years ago I got myself a fantastic personal trainer and now friend called George. He helped me improve, increasing my muscle and reduce body fat with great results. He has helped to raise my awareness of other important factors :

* DIET eg protein intake which has been an important consideration as I am vegetarian
* REST. Fundamental to allow recovery, detrimental if you don't let your body do this
* PUSH YOURSELF . Challenge your body , muscles have memory so swap your routines

A typical week for me now its 2010 includes Swimming 3 days, Circuit Training twice, Squash, and in 2007 I discoverd how challenging Yoga is so which I practice at least three times a week. Clear your mind of any preconceived ideas or that its for girlies as it is as can be as tough as circuit training.

Alas I had to give up the free Men's health trainers that served me so well for so many years!

I still continue to chart my progress so am never without a goal and motivation!

12.9.10 I also do and weight HOT YOGA and its brilliant -a heated room to 42°, sweaty sweaty. studio42

Me running,
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