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Bilateral Meniere's

Usually only one ear is affected, though a small percentage go on to develop bilateral Meniere's, i.e. in both ears.

You will find varying opinions on exactly how many Meniere's sufferers go on to develop bilateral Meniere's. It stands to reason that the earlier you first get Meniere's, the more time you have for it to go on to develop it in the other ear. If you do get Meniere's in both ears, there is usually a number of years in between but a small percentage will have Meniere's develop in both ears at the same time.
Optimistic doctors report 10-15% of Meniere's patients will develop Meniere's in both ear, others report 20-60%. The British Menieres society suggest up to 50% will become bilateral.

The greatest challenge for doctors dealing with bilateral Meniere's is that the treatment options may be limited. This could be due to the fact that an operation to destroy the original Meniere's ear meant that the balance functions are wholly reliable on the other, now affected ear.

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