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There is virtually no sodium present in endolymph, which is why low salt diets are often recommended. As well as the obvious health benefits in cutting down salt, many with Meniere's find attacks are reduced and can be limited with a careful eye on salt intake. Salt attracts liquid and the theory is that salt will contribute to a build of endolymph (it is theory, not scientifically proven!). Unfortunately, the severity of an attack will not be affected by low salt, but the frequency may.

The British eat about 9-11 grams of salt a day. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends a maximum of 6 grams a day for a typical healthy individual. Reducing this to a low salt diet means bringing your salt intake down to 1 - 2 grams per day which can be quite challenging. With so much salt added to food before we purchase it, you have your work cut out. In an ideal world we would all eat fresh organic fruit and vegetable, ready made meals would not be found in our fridges and freezers! Then it would be easy.

  • "Normal" salt diet ... ... 1100 - 3300 mg/day
  • "High" salt diet ... ... 4000 - 6000 mg/day
  • "Low" salt diet ... ... 400 - 1000 mg/day

When you think that two slices of bread can give you 1-1.5 grams of salt in one hit you may realise how difficult it may be especially as the idea is to spread your salt intake evenly through the day Saving up your 2g allowance and having salty fish & chips in one hit is not what this means.

But there is alot of useful information and resources to help you and cutting down gradually to see if it helps is a good way of measuring the effectiveness. First of all write down everything you typically eat in a day, and using the labelling calculate your salt intake. Pick yourself up off the floor when you have done this and then plan a reduction.

Check out some of the links below, though your GP, specialist or Meniere's society should be able to give you a fact sheet or advice .

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A new website Eat Low Sodium.com


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