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Stress plays an important role in many with Meniere's. High stress levels can aggravate or trigger attacks worsening tinnitus and vertigo. With anything in life, high levels of stress over long periods can damage health.

Unfortunately, you can end up in an vicious circle, for example if stress aggravated your Meniere's and you have to take time off work, the stress and pressures from your employer to return to work may prolong symptoms. Some people benefit from medication and/or counseling. Most Audiology departments have a hearing therapist who is aware of Meniere's and will have a better knowledge of the medical aspects than a normal therapist. I benefited greatly from some sessions with a hearing therapist.

Hiding your illness and any stress may make you feel worse. Talking can help a great deal and if you don't feel you can burden your loved ones (though they may not see it as a burden!) join a support group or club - let me know if you need some more information, there are many hospital balance/deaf groups you can reach through your local hospital or GP, or join an online support group or community e.g. MDUK or Yahoo Meniere's Group

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