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Meniere's in Childhood

Meniere's is children is much rarer than in adults. At a young age children frequently suffer from ear infections, perhaps due to weaker immune systems and the very fact that they are still growing. A child with inner ear symptoms is almost certainly going to have an ear infection as opposed to something like Menieres. A GP will look into the ear and be able to see swelling / fluids making the diagnosis. However many adults with Menieres disease say their childhood was plagued by repeat ear infections. Mine certainly was. The first time I got tinnitus it was the diagnosis every time. I would go back time and time again and be given antibiotic ear drops. Who knows whether this had anything to do with Menieres or not. That said I certainly do not believe that if you have ear infections as a child it will lead to Menieres.

For children who do have Menieres there is often a lack of hearing loss as associated with classic Menieres. However many believe it is only a matter of time before this occurs. Although Menieres can affect some families, just because a parent has it it by no way means that a child is likely to follow. At least that is what research shows currently but ten years ago I was told Menieres was not in families so thinking has been updated.

As I child I had sudden bout's of vertigo- though very rare. The last day of primary school I remember suddenly being on the floor, the world spinning and my ear being funny. Personally I believe that to have been my first Meniere's attack.

If anyone reading this site has any more information regarding Menieres in childhood I would appreciate some more info as the is not a good deal of information easily available on this, no doubt due to the difficulty in making diagnosis.