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Welcome to this website dedicated to giving information and support to

  • those who have been diagnosed with Meniere's disease
  • those who think they may have Meniere's disease
  • those who have, or think they may have, a vestibular illness or experience vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus and/or deafness.
  • friends, family, colleagues and anyone who knows someone with a vestibular disorder and wants to understand or learn more.

Meniere's disease is a tough one to diagnose, yet many specialists feel it is overly diagnosed by others as there are many conditions which present the same symptoms more info.

The purpose of this website is not to dish out internet diagnoses or debate what real Meniere's is, but instead to provide information to anyone who seeks it for whatever reason. At the end of the day it is likely that a similar set of symptoms has caused you to seek out this site. Everyone who has been diagnosed with Meniere's has probably experienced a long period with a lack of diagnosis, or like me, been diagnosed with many other illnesses first.

If at any point in this site you need to check a medical or unfamiliar term, please look at my A-Z glossary of Meniere's. Some people with vestibular illness find reading text on computer screens can exacerbate their symptoms. If this is you, I would suggest printing these pages or contact me to request a pdf/word/text document of the whole website which you can print with one click.

What is Meniere's disease?
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This website has been written and developed by Alex Tye - "MrLexy" on the internet!
I want these pages to cover as many aspects of Menieres disease as is possible so please feel free to contact me with my feedback form if there is anything missing or if you would like more detailed information.