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What is Menieres disease?... continued

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The truth is, right now no one can conclusively say why endolymphatic hydrops occurs. In my opinion, I believe that many people with Meniere's diagnoses could have different contributing factors, however when the classic symptoms of Meniere's are present, diagnosis can be made under the umbrella of Meniere's, i.e. the medical profession have ruled out all other possibilities and Meniere's is all that fits the bill.

As there is no conclusive test for Meniere's, who can ever say who was right or wrong and post mortem's on those with diagnosed Meniere's, have found varying evidence (more info). Full access to the inner ear is something only possible in autopsy. The first autopsy to confirm endolymphatic hydrops took place in 1938.

One point to note, is that there is virtually no sodium present in endolymph. The body regulates the amounts of sodium and sugars in the inner ear fluids, yet many patients respond to dietry reductions in salt, so perhaps there are other factors here that suggest additional salt/sodium is absorbed in the endolymph through diet (in Menieres patients).

As mentioned, there are other theories about causes of Meniere's. Here are some useful links that provide explanations or further discussion as to the possible causes or contributing factors of Menieres disease.

head injury

head injury

imbalance in fluid pressures

imbalance in fluid pressures - endolymphatic chamber

increase in fluid - labyrinth

* these are all the same web site

Auto-immune disease*





Head trauma*

immune system

The Meniere's Society list of possible causes

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